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The Kings of Karaoke: Murdering Music!

About Us

The Kings of Karaoke provide a festive, often rowdy atmosphere, encouraging singers to enjoy themselves and the audience dancing. We make any event a party! Our hosts and DJ's are avid karaokiers and their love of it is easy to see. Our song book has been bolstered by taking song requests at every party, constantly building upon a hefty cache of the classics everyone loves. No more uncomfortable dead air between performers! You'll hear sick indie, metal, punk, 80's, 90's, and all other sorts of great music between the performances. We use computerized systems which provide better song quality and a no-glitch singing experience. Experience makes all the difference!

Available for weekly, monthly or private events. Reasonable hourly rates and package deals.
We can set up in any bar, venue, home or backyard!
Weekly events include: Twitter, Instragram, & Facebook announcements, posting on our website's schedule page, and posters for in-house promotion.

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